Volume 225

Updated 9/1/2020

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Monthly News - Volume 225


Picture of the Month has Emily center stage at her ballet recital.  It had been postponed from this spring but they were really able to pull it off.  Of course their practices were shut down for a while and then went Zoom, but they did get together again for a condensed practice period before the real thing. I didn't think they'd get to perform in the High School but they did. Absolutely wonderful.  Emily has real talent.


Still not normal but we're trying.  Schools are starting up again but in different ways.  Jimmy left for Macalester, and Noah to UW- Madison.  Noah has only 1 class in person, the rest online.  How do you do a virtual chemistry lab class?  Some local school districts are in person, with accommodations to enforce distancing, if that's possible.  Milwaukee schools are all virtual for some undetermined period while others are a hybrid.  At lease Stephanie is in person.  My fear is that the kids who need the education the most will get left further behind.


Two new movies have been added.  One is by Larry Ripp (Nancy's cousin) who wrote and directed a short comedic drama on these crazy virus days, while the other is a clip of Stephanie on horseback.  She loves doing it and will start another session in about a month. Rebecca and Jeff are angels for the way they expose her to more life experiences than most kids get, to give her every chance possible to enjoy and live a full life.


Enjoy the pictures!